Monthly Meetings


• Members required attending at least half of posted meetings.

• Members outside of Pinellas County (within reason) are expected to read monthly minute notes and respond within the Facebook Private Thread.

o This organization depends on your input! Although they may not happen monthly, meetings are vital to the direction of the organization.




• Members required to attend at least two festivals a year, and one scholastic event if scheduled.

• Members in attendance to events must be garbed if participating in TSF events/demos.




• Members are required to participate in a demonstration within festivals. There are many ways to get involved, don’t hesitate to ask!

o We are open to different suggestions for Demonstrations. Everyone's ideas are welcomed.


Social Gatherings

• Although not required, Social Events are there to boost morale and create an opportunity to get to know others within our organization.

o Note that only showing up to social events will not count towards your annual requirements.


Krewe Fees


• At this time, there are no fees to join our organization. However we ask that you obtain your own garb, weapons, or any other equipment that you may require. Many within the Krewe are willing to help get you started with some loaner equipment to spiral you into your pirating career!

• Each Krewe Member is required to order a Krewe Cuff. Different crew identifiers are important as they help tell who belongs to who. Our identifier is a leather wrist cuff fashioned by a friend to the Krewe. You will be able to order these cuffs after a probationary period of one year has passed.

• Krewe shirts are not necessary, but are a recommendation to wear at non-garb events and social gatherings. These events should also include meetings – if you do not have your shirt, your Krewe Cuff will do just fine!



*We all have busy lives and understand that it is hard to commit to some events. Should there ever be an issue with your attendance just communicate with the Officers to let us know what is going on!

We want you to be successful within our Organization!!


Codex System


Every member is held to the standards of the organization. These regulations are designed to create our "Codex System" to help our team operate professionally, safely, and fairly within our operations. Your welcome packet upon meeting our officers breaks everything down. Our Codex includes the following pages...


• Krewe Articles • Code of Conduct • Financial Codex • Grog Codex • Encampment Codex

• Edged Weapon Codex • Black Powder Codex





Organization Requirements

Our Mission


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