Our Bookaneer Tent is designed to provide FREE books to children whenever we set up at an event. Much like community libraries, children are encouraged to take a book home, swap out books for new ones, or donate gently used books for the next child to enjoy! Books range from all ages from just beginning to young adult novels. One book per child while supplies last!
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We ask that all book donations be "gently used" with the integrity of the book still intact. We want these wonderful tales to be able to be enjoyed for years to come by another child. There is no greater treasure than that of the information held within a book.


Books can be donated directly to the Bookaneer Tent whenever it is set up for the public. For additional information on donating books please Contact Us for additional information on how you can drop these books off with any of our crew members.


Help us by promotin' literature one 'R' at a time!