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Our organization was formed in April 2011 after our group of volunteers switched from Medieval Literature Presentations to the world of Pirates. Since then, we have been a registered Non-Profit with the State of Florida. As of January 2018, we have been approved as a 501(c)3 Organization and are quite excited for the potential of the future with our cause.


For a copy of our Exempt Letter, please click here!


Listed below are some of our Presentations - these are not limited to only these options! Each event we do can be specifically designed for your needs.

Scholastic Presentations


Invite the Krewe to invade your Elementary School or Library to bring literature to life through interactive presentations. Tailored to fit the curriculum needs, each student can enjoy being a pirate for a day. Events can include but are not limited to treasure hunts, sword demonstrations, sea shanties, camp sites, and mermaids!


Each presentation can be based off of a pirate story of your choice. Contact the crew for more information.



Interactive Demonstrations


Explore the age of piracy through our interactive demonstrations ranging from martial concepts of steel and powder combat, medicinal interventions, story times, and mermaid exhibits. Each of these demonstrations depends on crowd interaction and will highlight the different aspects of the Golden Age of Piracy.


Emerge yourself into the wonders of days past and experience all there is about pirates during the peak of this age. Click on a demo name below to get additional information on each one.


(Interactive demonstrations are best fitted for festival style environments with run times approximately 30 minutes to a demonstration)



  • Combat Arms Demo

    Type: Lecture

    Explore the martial concepts of Maritime Combat and Boarding Actions during the 17th-19th Centuries. This demonstration will walk you through the archaeological combat studies of Cutlass, Tomahawk, Boarding Ax, Knives, and more!

    (Black Powder weapons may be discussed but limited usage due to fire marshal regulations)

  • Pirate Tales

    Type: Interactive

    Grab a seat and enjoy yourselves a pirate tale told by none other than our mischievous crew! These are stories told by pirates, for pirates! A great event for little ones during a busy day.


    Not the stories you remember? Well, they are pirates telling them after all!


  • Fight A Pirate

    Type: Interactive

    This event is limited to the ages of 3-10 Years Old.


    Come into our demonstration circle and learn how to fight just like a pirate! This is a method of training of course, so soft weapons made of foam is handed out to ensure our safety! A grand event for the little ones, have your cameras ready!


  • Shanty Sing

    Type: Interactive

    Sea Shanties were originally work songs sung aboard vessels to motivate or even pace the crews while they maintained the ship. Come on out and learn a few tunes.


    Tone deaf? No problem! You think pirates studied how to sing..???

  • Sleightly Inconceivable

    Type: Interactive

    Enjoy our Magic Show as you listen to outstanding tales from the world of pirates. Ever wonder how the Captain became a Captain? Ever curious to hear what secrets Davy Jone's Locker has to offer?


    Here is the one man who can unlock those mysteries for you!

  • Finmark Lagoon

    Find beautiful mermaids who absolutely love children! They enjoys their company so much, they just can't wait to share some of their treasures with them. Grab those cameras and meet a real live mermaid!


    Did you know it is 100 years good luck if you touch a mermaid? Come see for yourselves!


 Our interactive Bookaneer Tent is available for children to receive free books that have been donated to our organization. Books can be taken home, swapped for new ones, or simply donated to our tent to make these wonderful stories available for future families. Book ages range from just learning how to read all the way to young adult novels. Limited to one book per child as supplies last! For more information on the Bookaneer Tent, Click Here.

Historically Themed Careening Camp


Come explore our Historically Themed Careening Camp and experience walking the boot steps of a pirate. Within the camp site you will learn of piratical myths, legends, and superstitions, sample and discuss provisions, experience boarding action demonstrations, and discover the role of eighteenth century medicine.


Come see what treasures are in store for you! If you are interested in the careening camp coming to your event, please contact us for specific information concerning camp size and set up.


How much will this cost?


Our organization strives to do as many events for the children as possible to help our purpose come to life. There is nothing better for a child's imagination to be unlocked within the pages of a good book! With that in mind, we do not ask for a specific price for any of our events, that would defeat the purpose!


However, donations do keep our Non-Profit doing events for children and families. The more we raise, the better our programs and demonstrations become!


We look forward to working with your team in the future. For more information on how to schedule an event with us, click the link below!

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